How Project Management Can Deliver Results In Any Business 

Project Management principals developed initially in the construction and software industries.  Today, its gaining a foothold in every aspect of business, and for good reason.

Has your company embraced strategic planning but you consistently miss your goals?  For initiatives large and small, the missing piece may be Project Management.  The following benchmarks come from PM Solution’s 2012 report on the state of the Project Management Office (PMO):

  • 30% decrease in failed projects
  • 25% increase in projects delivered under budget
  • 22% improvement in productivity
  • 31% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 19% increase in projects delivered ahead of schedule
  • 39% improvement in projects aligned with objectives
  • 15% cost savings per project (% of total project cost)

These are impressive numbers but I should also point out that they are national averages, so your individual results could be even more significant.

The key is recognizing that Project Management is about changing the culture of the organization to be better structured for success.  It also involves putting an individual, or team, in place to provide monitoring, communication and ongoing training for sustainable success.

If you’re looking for a real solution to your company’s sluggish growth, reach out and contact Phippstastic today.

Justin Phipps