Creating a Simple Project Request Template

Formalizing your project request process has three benefits; 1) making sure you are aware of all project requests, 2) capturing key information needed to determine the scope and priority of a project, and 3) helping the project requestor make sure they have enough details to make a formal request.

A couple of things to note as you review/use this template:

  • Question #1 is captured only as a suggestion.  Marketing should make the final recommendation on the most effective means in which to achieve the project’s goals.
  • Question #7 is vital.  Too often marketing materials collect dust when the mailing list or distribution strategy fails to materialize.
  • Question #9 identifies the non-marketing project contact.  This person needs to be empowered to answer questions and make decisions to keep the project on schedule.

Customize as needed for your company and make available in an electronic format on your intranet or pubic drive.  Also, it may not be necessary to require 100% completion during initial implementation.  It’s more important that people recognize you’ve put a process in place – and are prepared to enforce it – than create a barrier that stifles collaboration.

Please answer the following questions to begin the project proposal process:

  1. Give a short description of the project, the goals and measurable objectives. Use the following sentence to get you started:“Create a [brochure/mailer/email/video/presentation…] addressing [audience] to [inform/educate/persuade/communicate…] [about what].”
  2. Describe the audience this project is targeting and how they will engage with the piece(s).
  3. What is the single most important message you want your audience to get from this piece [Convince… That… Because…]?
  4. Describe the tone of the writing and the imagery. Is it formal, sophisticated, casual, funny or shocking?
  5. Do you need this by a specific date?  If so, provide details on the circumstances around that due date?
  6. Is this project a revision of, or based on, an existing piece?
  7. Do you have a distribution list (include spreadsheet or other instructions.)?
  8. Send any support documents for your project via email to [project manager].
  9. Who is the project sponsor?

Justin Phipps
President at Phippstastic Consulting