Applying Advertising Rules to Promotional Items

Purchasing water bottles, pens, and stress toys makes you the envy of the company.  Unfortunately, no one is witness to your agony of flipping through thick catalogs searching for the best end-column pricing.  On top of that, everyone is lobbing their random opinions of what makes a good promo item and suddenly you’re settling on another chip clip or coffee mug.

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply the same analysis with promo items you use when purchasing advertising.  Reach and frequency are just as relevant with booth trinkets and can help you focus your decision making process.

A giveaway that finds a home on a client’s desk for at least 30 days should be your goal.  You receive valuable impressions through frequency by having it visible every day and additional reach when noticed by coworkers.

You don’t have to buy an expensive promotional item, simply consider a unique piece your prospects and clients will find useful in their everyday activities, and make sure it’s branded properly.  A phone number or web address makes your item actionable when they’re ready to act.

Justin Phipps
President at Phippstastic Consulting